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Estate & Trust Administration

Guidance on All Facets of Estate and Trust Administration in Georgia


Kanner Baker attorneys represent executors and others in the administration of both simple and complex estates. We understand the importance of the transfer of assets in accordance with a decedent’s will and/or trust pursuant to Georgia law.

We assist clients with:

Probate – For wills or when a decedent had no will, we ensure the transfer of assets to the designated beneficiaries. Our attorneys handle the filing of petitions with the proper probate court, notify heirs and ensure any final claims of creditors are satisfied. 

Trust Administration – For assets in trust, we guide the successor trustee in the distribution of the deceased’s assets. This process typically includes identifying assets, certifying the successor trustee, applying for Tax Identification Numbers and distributing the assets.

Fiduciary Representation – We guide fiduciaries in Georgia throughout the estate and trust administration process. If you have been named a trustee of a Georgia trust, we can counsel you so that you perform your duties correctly and efficiently.